An amazing story
with a promising beginning

In the 1970s the company SAMCA,, Holding Company of the Samca Group that owns Daymsa, mined black lignite coal by means of underground and opencast mining methods from their mines in the Valle de Ariño (Teruel).

These mines suffered from recurrent and unfortunate sterilization where the coal suddenly transformed into what was disparagingly called “dust”: a black, highly staining coal, that became unpleasantly embedded in skin and nails, and which surprisingly and regrettably did not burn!

Following the ancient traditions of farmers in the area that marginally took advantage of this ill-fated “dust” on their farms, where among their specialist crops are the extraordinary Calanda peaches, unique late start peaches with an extraordinary presence and quality.

The research started by the geologist and researcher Mr. Joaquín Lahoz paid off, because he managed to profile these powders as belonging to a new mineral, “Leonardite”, with extraordinary properties and agronomic utility, as defined by Dr. Leonard in 1929 in the USA.

The Leonardite discovered and profiled in Ariño (Teruel) proved to be, surprisingly, an excellent soil improver for its high content of Humic Acids. Humic Acids from Leonardite, both in their solid and liquid extract form developed by Daymsa, applied to the soil, constitute a clay-humic complex, which is the mechanism that enriches and transforms poor soil into a rich, fertile earth.

Daymsa, Europe’s Leading Producer of Leonardite, started its production and commercial operations in 1979 with a very specific mission: to mine the recently discovered deposits of Leonardite to produce Agricultural Soil Improvers.

In fulfilling its mission, Daymsa started Leonardite production in Spain achieving, after twenty years of pioneering academic work and training, widespread use in agricultural applications throughout Europe.

daymsa-leotardita2 The Leonardite
discovered and profiled in Ariño (Teruel) proved to be, surprisingly, an excellent soil improver for its high content of Humic Acids

Soil improvement

The Daymsa commitment to “soil improvement”; has met with a warm welcome in the more developed countries where they are sensitive to this new concept that has gradually become more widespread around the world: Agriculture, like all other means of production, must be environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long term.

Until the 1990s, the development of Intensive Farming and the constant application of mineral fertilisers caused progressive and increasing mineralization, consequently resulting in impoverished soil. The practice of environmentally friendlier crop techniques and the application of soil improvers like those offered by Daymsa have managed to reverse this damage and restore fertility.

However, world population growth, increased global food needs and reduced poverty for tens of millions of people annually all demand higher quality food sources, such as proteins. Policies promoting renewable energy sources like biofuels have also put the current agricultural production model to the test. New solutions are now required for new problems with a single aim: increase the yield and quality of agricultural production.

Daymsa is certified by Bureau Veritas under RD 506/2013, governing the management systems applied to the manufacture, marketing and packaging of fertilisers.

This certification guarantees the quality of the entire manufacturing, marketing and packaging process of our products.


Daymsa´s strategic partnership
with Frutaria

Daymsa has a longstanding strategic partnership with Frutaria Both companies are part of the SAMCA industrial group,

Frutaria is the largest Spanish fruit producer with 28 orchards distributed throughout the major agricultural regions in Spain. Frutaria’s total area of arable land is 12,000 ha, of which 7,000 are now planted with fruit trees in full production.

The strategic alliance with Frutaria allows Daymsa great insight into the needs of the most advanced farms. Daymsa’s Research and Development would not be complete without the opportunity to Experiment in these market-leading farms. This allows us to be at the forefront in product Innovation.


Daymsa's commitment to R&D&I.
Ecological Certification

The key to Daymsa’s activity is Research of new products and their Development to achieve a high degree of quality. Studying the Application of new Products by means of fine-tuned and precise field trials in a wide variety of crops is also crucial.

Daymsa has developed highly innovative products such as the unique Naturamin®WSP, Cytoplant®400, or Madurel®. When these products are applied at the precise time, the yield and quality of fruits, vegetables and field crops increase significantly.

In 2016 Daymsa received the Innovative SME seal from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. This seal rewards our investigative labour and the innovative character of our firm in a highly competitive and ever evolving sector.

Most Daymsa products are natural and plant-based and on occasion based on natural minerals, free from chemical treatment. Daymsa has a number of certifications and accreditations that allow the use of its products in Organic Farming, issued by the most prestigious Certification bodies in the world, such as ECOCERT, BCS Öko-Garantie, Ecolabel, Certicaae, INTERECO, OMRI and Control Union.

Internationalisation of Daymsa

Today Daymsa is present in more than 40 countries

The efficiency of our products and cutting-edge research of our R&D&I has allowed us to create a vast network served by our sales representatives in Spain and independent distributors in Europe and the rest of the World.

We also have a sales office in the Middle East and five overseas subsidiary companies.

This structure is highly effective in transferring new techniques, developed by the Spanish central office, to the market as well as in the control and monitoring of its implementation and development throughout the world.

Daymsa is member of the
major trade associations

Daymsa belongs to several world-renowned trade associations, both national and international.

Associations such as: EBIC (European Biostimulants International Consortium), IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers’ Association), as well as founding member of IBMA Spain.

AEFA (Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers), FOMA (Spanish Association of Organic and Organo-mineral Fertiliser Manufacturers). This provides us with greater power and representation when dealing with authorities and official bodies, resulting in better service and quality for our end customers.