The aim of Daymsa’s nutritional programme for apples is to obtain well-nourished and well-balanced trees, which means increasing apple production and its visual and organoleptic qualities.

To induce uniform bud breaking and flowering and therefore reduce the cost of harvest, it is necessary to supplement the plant to compensate the winter cold. The apple tree’s ‘s first activity begins with the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year.

The application of soil improvers and bioestimulants in bud breaking stimulate root growth and nutrient absorption, which makes the apple trees, which will be supporting our harvest. stronger and more vigorous.

Supplying boron before flowering allows the fruit to set more successfully, minimizing floral abortions or vegetative centers. “Bitter pit” is a physiopathy which is very common in apple trees due to the calcium deficit, and we must prevent it by applying this mineral. It manifests itself during storage with the appearance of small concentric marks, and results in significant financial losses.

Finally fertilization by applying potassium to the leaves improves the size, colour and sugar content of the apples.

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