Working towards a sustainable future

Respect and care for the environment thanks to the natural origin of our products.

Development and Commitment

Growing with the farmer, solving and providing effective solutions for 40 years.


Ongoing commitment to improvement and research into new technologies, we develop new products which meet all the requirements of our customers.


Stimulate growth and development of crops


Products that protect and help the growth of crops


Microorganisms product range includes biotechnology solutions based on microorganisms to increase crop profitability.

Soil and water improvers

Return life to the soil and correct deficiencies of irrigation water

Deficiency correctors

Prevent and correct plant deficiencies of microelements


SIVAL 2024; perfect showcase to position DAYMSA’s products

 Daymsa has been in SIVAL held on 16, 17 and 18 January in Angers, France.  DAYMSA starts the year participating in one of the most prestigious fairs in the field of specialised crops in France with record participation of exhibitors and visitors in this edition that...

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