Stimulate growth and development of crops


Products that protect and help the growth of crops


Microorganisms product range includes biotechnology solutions based on microorganisms to increase crop profitability.

Soil and water improvers

Return life to the soil and correct deficiencies of irrigation water

Deficiency correctors

Prevent and correct plant deficiencies of microelements


DAYMSA certifies biostimulants under UNE Standard

DAYMSA certifies biostimulants under UNE Standard in organic agriculture production ​ Daymsa certifies its organic biostimulant products with respect to the EC Regulation 889/2008 following the UNE 142500 (2017) Standard with CAAE. UNE Standards were made by UNE...

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DAYMSA get ISO 14001

Daymsa has successfully completed the environmental management certification process in accordance with ISO 14001. The evaluation process carried out by the company S.G.S Spain successfully completes a further step in Daymsa's involvement with the protection and...

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