Daymsa’s nutritional programme for barley aims to obtain balanced nutrition for the cereal, which means increasing barley production and quality.

Incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers as soon as the barley is sown stimulates root development and nutrient absorption, encouraging the plants to develop. Aminoacids stimulate the tree in stress situations (water, extreme temperatures, phytotoxicity, etc.).

Barley is a crop which is sensitive to zinc deficiency, and this must be corrected by means of applying the mineral to the leaves. Its deficit is shown by the appearance of a white mark between the central rib and the edge of the leaf, leading to reduced output and, therefore, lower financial profits.

Applying a nitrogenated product to the leaves will complement the nitrogenated fertilization applied to the soil, encouraging the crop to grow continuously. Finally, it is essential to apply potassium to the leaves before they form in order to improve the way the grain swells.

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