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Terrenova® Leonardite humic acids with assimilable phosphorus
Naturquel®-Ca/B Calcium and boron deficiency corrector
Naturfos® High uptake phosphorus and potassium
Naturfruit® Ripening enhancer with potassium

The aim of Daymsa’s nutritional programme is to obtain orderly growth of the bush, which means increasing blackberry production and quality.

The bush’s first activity begins with the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. The incorporation of biostimulants and soil enhancers encourages root development and nutrient absorption, and this results in better development of the bush. Applying calcium to the leaves improves the firmness of the blackberries.

Providing biostimulants with citokinic action stimulates cell division in the organs involved in development, increasing the size of the blackberries.

Finally, applying potassium in the final phase of the cycle improves the sugar content and colour of the fruits, making them look more attractive to the consumer.

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