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Brussel´s Sprouts

Product Features
Naturcomplet®G Active Leonardite humic acids in granule form
Naturamin®WSP Highly concentrated soluble amino acids
Naturfruit® Ripening enhancer with potassium
Retenol® Improves foliar treatment quality

Daymsa’s nutritional programme for brussels sprouts aims to obtain a well-nourished crop, which results in increased brussels sprout production and quality.

Incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers at the point of transplant reduces the stress this causes, and if the right microelements are also supplied this allows the brussels sprouts to root and develop more successfully. Calcium makes them firmer.

Aminoacids stimulate the crop in stress situations (water, frost, phytotoxicity, etc.) activating growth. Applying a potassium-based fertilizer when the heads are forming improves their quality and the way in which they swell. For leaf applications to be more effective they must be applied together with a fertilizer-retaining agent.

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