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Naturvital®Plus Highly concentrated liquid Leonardite humic acids
Naturquel®-Ca/B Calcium and boron deficiency corrector
Naturfruit® Ripening enhancer with potassium

Daymsa’s nutritional programme for the crop aims to ensure balanced nutrition, thus increasing cardoon production and quality.

Cardoon is a perennial species which is grown as an annual, so incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers as soon as growing begins reduces the stress caused by transplanting the crop, improving root development and nutrient absorption and giving the plants a better production capacity.

Cardoon is a frost-sensitive crop, as this type of weather leads to a drop in production. Providing aminoacids will stimulate the plant should frosts or other stress situations occur.

Applying a product to correct calcium deficiencies helps with the formation of the cell walls, making them firm. Finally, applying a potassium-based fertilizer improves the weight and quality of the cardoon.

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