Daymsa’s nutritional programme aims to obtain orderly growth of the crop, which leads to increased chilli production and quality.

Incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers right from the outset reduces the stress from transplanting, improving root growth and nutrient absorption. Aminoacids have a stimulating effect on the crop in stress situations (water, extreme temperatures, phytotoxicity, etc.).

Supplying the right microelements avoids any possible nutritional deficiencies which reduce production. Calcium improves the firmness of fruits, and prevents apical necrosis or “Blossom end rot”, a very common disease in chilli crops, which takes the form of a loss of turgidity in the distal areas of the fruits, advancing in a concentric way. An iron deficiency causes iron chlorosis, which can be seen by yellowing of the leaves, significantly reducing production.

Finally, applying potassium fertilizer to the leaves once the fruits start to develop improves the visual and organoleptic quality of the chillis.

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