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Valtar® Natural product to boost growth of the crops
Naturmix®L Micronutrient deficiency corrector
Naturquel®-Ca/B Calcium and boron deficiency corrector
Cytoplant®400 Physiological promoter of plant origin
Naturfruit® Ripening enhancer with potassium

Daymsa’s nutritional programme for cucumber aims to increase the crop’s production and quality. This is achieved by providing the cucumbers with balanced nutrition.

Incorporating organic material and specific biostimulants right from the outset reduces the stress caused by transplanting, and stimulates root development and nutrient absorption. Supplying the right microelements avoids any possible nutritional deficiencies which reduce production.

A biostimulant with cytokinetic action stimulates cell division, improving the size of the fruit. Finally we recommend using one of our nutritional specialities for application to the leaves, in order to improve the size, firmness and quality of the cucumbers.

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