Daymsa’s nutritional programme for lychees aims to increase lychee production and quality. This is achieved through providing the tree with orderly nutrition.

The tree begins its activity using the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. It is essential to supply biostimulants and soil improvers during this phase in order to improve root development and nutrient absorption, which means better growth of the tree over the first years after planting.

Supplying calcium prior to flowering improves the firmness of the fruits. Aminoacids stimulate the tree’s growth,with regard to stress situations caused by lack of water, extreme temperatures, phytotoxicities, etc.)
Incorporating a biostimulant with cytokinic action during flowering encourages cell division, making the fruits grow bigger. In order to improve the colour, size and sugar content of lychees we suggest using one of our nutritional specialities for leaf application.

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