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Oil Palm

Product Features
Naturcomplet®G Active Leonardite humic acids in granule form
Raiza® Root system activator
Naturamin®WSP Highly concentrated soluble amino acids
Naturfos® High uptake phosphorus and potassium

The African or oil palm is a crop used for extracting oil from its fruits.

The aim of Daymsa’s nutritional programme is to obtain balanced trees, which means increasing oil production and quality.

The African palm’s begins its activity using the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. Supplying biostimulants and soil improvers stimulates root development and nutrient absorption, and this results in a stronger and more vigorous palm tree. Aminoacids encourage development when faced with stress situations.

In the production phase it is essential to supply a product which produces phytoalexins with systemic action. They activate the palm tree’s natural defences.

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