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Raiza® Root system activator
PleniFlor® Flowering and fruit set activator
Naturfos® High uptake phosphorus and potassium
Naturfruit® Ripening enhancer with potassium

Daymsa’s nutritional programme for rape aims to increase the production and quality of the rape seeds. This is achieved through providing the crop with balanced nutrition.

Incorporating specific biostimulants into the soil before sowing improves rooting and nutrient absorption. Applying boron before flowering has a positive effect on seed production, since it stimulates the formation of pollen and minimizes vegetative centres.

After the seedlings emerge, applying a product which produces phytoalexins with systemic action activates the plants’ natural defences. At the final stage of its maturing period rape seed presents natural dehiscence. Once the siliques are dry and mature they open easily and can be degrained. Finally, applying a potassium-based fertilizer increases the quality of the seed.

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