Rice constitutes the basic diet of 41% of the world’s population, so improving its production and growing techniques is an essential part of programmes for human nutrition at world level.

Daymsa’s programme aims to provide the plants with balanced nutrition in order to increase production and improve grain quality.

Organic material needs to be supplied a few days before sowing in order to improve soil quality, the basic means of supporting the whole of the subsequent programme.

In the first days after sowing we apply biostimulants in order to help with plant growth. Preferably, alongside the application of biostimulants applied at a later stage as an alternative, a zinc chelate deficiency corrector needs to be applied to rice in order to guarantee and increase output.

In the development phase, the grain requires a supply of calcium and potassium, allowing it to become firm and improving its size and weight, respectively.

Daymsa products are compatible with most herbicides and fungicides in common use.

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