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Product Features
Naturcomplet®G Active Leonardite humic acids in granule form
Raiza® Root system activator
PromoStart® Controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer.
Naturamin®WSP Highly concentrated soluble amino acids
Naturfos® High uptake phosphorus and potassium

Daymsa’s nutritional programme aims to ensure balanced nutrition for the crop, which will provide a higher yield per hectare and better quality sorghum.

Incorporating biostimulants and organic material right from the outset will result in more even germination and better root development.

Aminoacids have a stimulating effect on the crop, helping it to recover during stress situations (water, extreme temperatures, phytotoxicity, etc.).

Finally, we recommend a product which produces phytoalexins with systemic action. Phytoalexins activate the plants’ natural defences.

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