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Naturcomplet®G Active Leonardite humic acids in granule form
PromoStart® Controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer.
Naturamin®-Co/Mo Amino acids with cobalt and molybdenum for soybean and other field crops
Naturamin®WSP Highly concentrated soluble amino acids
Naturfruit® Ripening enhancer with potassium

Daymsa’s nutritional programme aims to increase sunflower seed production and quality, through orderly crop nutrition.

Incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers before sowing the sunflower stimulates root development and nutrient absorption, and this results in better development of the crop.
Aminoacids help the crop to overcome stress situations such as frosts, drought, phytotoxicity, etc.

Applying a nitrogenated product to the leaves will complement the nitrogenated fertilisation applied to the soil, encouraging the crop to develop continuously.

Supplying cobalt and molybdenum improves nitrogen fixing, helping it to be converted into proteins and stimulating sunflower development. Fertilization with potassium in the grain-swelling stage is able to maximize the weight of the seed and guarantee a good yield of oil.

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