Daymsa’s nutritional programme for this cereal aim to ensure balanced nutrition, which means increased wheat production and quality.

Treating the seeds with biostimulants and soil improvers improves germination, and stimulates root development and nutrient absorption. Aminoacids help the crop to overcome stress situations such as frost, drought, phytotoxicity, etc.

Wheat is a crop which is sensitive to zinc deficiency, and this must be corrected by means of application to the leaves. Its deficit is shown by the appearance of a white mark between the central rib and the edge of the leaf, and leads to reduced yield per hectare.

Applying a nitrogenated product to the leaves will complement the nitrogenated fertilization applied to the soil, encouraging the crop to grow continuously. Applying potassium-based fertilizer before the grain forms maximizes the weight of the grain. obtaining better yields.

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