CAC Shanghai 2024 is one of the most important professional event in the world in wich DAYMSA has been able to strengthen relationship such as strategic partners

DAYMSA, a leading Spanish company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and special fertilisers, is developing a strong growth in the Chinese market in line with its expansion strategy in Asia, which has led it to participate in the recent CAC Shanghai 2024, celebrated on the 13 and 15 of March.

Participation in the CAC Shanghai 2024, one of the most important agricultural trade fairs in the world, has been a strategic step to strengthen the brand, expand the customer base and learn about the latest market trends.

An incomparable meeting point for DAYMSA. Its presence at this event has allowed them to meet with strategic partners to present them with an extensive catalogue of nutritional solutions. The company stood out for its range of technological products, especially those designed to meet specific needs in crops such as table grapes, cherries, apples and nectarines.

DAYMSA’s participation in CAC Shanghai 2024 has been a resounding success, consolidating its presence in the Asian market and positioning itself as a leading provider of nutritional solutions for modern agriculture.

The company is committed to continue innovating and developing high quality products to meet the specific needs of Chinese farmers in particular and Asian farmers in general.