• Maximises the colour of red varieties
  • Homogenises maturity
  • Increases sugar content



Madurel® is a Non-hormonal ripener that:

  • Prevents the side effects of synthetic hormones: does not reduce the quality or condition of the berries and rachis.
  • Free from residue, enabling application between harvests

Madurel® increases the quality parameters such as sugar content and COLOUR. It is specially indicated for table grapes and fruit trees.


Test Nº 1: Crimson Seedless, Abarán (Murcia).Dosage per application:

Dosage per application: Madurel®: 4 L/ha, Formulated from Abscisic Acid 4 l/ha.


Test Nº 2: Red Globe, Ovalle (Chile).



Crop Dosage Nº applications
Table grape 3-4 l/ha, in combination with Ethephon or Abscisic Acid at half dose 1-2 (start of veraison, + 7-14 days) according to property, weather conditions,etc.
4-5 l/ha alone 3-4 (start of veraison and every 7/14 days)
Madurel® can be applied via conventional or electrostatic foliar spraying, keeping to the
product dosage per hectare.


For more information about the product, consult the product data sheet following this link.