DAYMSA has presented in the bi-monthly session of ImPulse, of the European Soybean Association, Donau Soja, the results of the use of Naturamin® WSP to face water stress in soybean.

DAYMSA participated last 28th August in the ImPulse meeting, organised by Donau Soja, a European non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable soybean production. This is a bimonthly meeting where aspects related to soya and its sustainable production are analysed and debated.

In this session, issues such as the market situation, the state of the soil and the influence of the drought in 2023 on production were addressed.

DAYMSA’s participation

Along with international speakers from the sector, Carmen Lorente, Technical and Marketing Department of DAYMSA, participated with the presentation Solutions to cope with water stress in soybean.

In addition to analysing how to deal with this problem, which involves the correct choice of varieties, prior care of the soil and optimisation of water resources, Carmen Lorente highlighted the use of biostimulants, in this case Naturamin® WSP, to protect the crop against water stress.

Results of Naturamin® WSP against drought-induced water stress in soybeans

Naturamin® WSP is a biostimulant recommended for stimulating the crop at times of greatest energy demand, helping it to overcome stressful situations (sprouting, drought, pests and diseases, frost, etc.). It`s contains 80% pure free L-amino acids, including osmo-protectors such as proline and serine.

In drought conditions the plant suffers from water stress.  Naturamin® WSP has been shown to increase chlorophyll content for better photosynthetic efficiency, to reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level caused by drought and to increase plant yields. In soybean, Naturamin® WSP has shown excellent results with a first foliar application at the 4-6 leaf stage, the most sensitive growth period for the crop.

Therefore, the biostimulant Naturamin® WSP is today an excellent tool to protect and prepare the soybean crop against water stress caused by drought.