Algaecide - Flocculant for irrigation ponds


Recommended for Reservoir and irrigation system maintenance

Prevents filter clogging
Eliminar la turbidez y los malos olores.

Formats:1 L, 5 L, 20 L
Clariagua® is the most efficient algicide for irrigation reservoirs. Algae in irrigation reservoirs cause problems such as clogging in filters, pressure regulators, watering systems and drips.

Clariagua® eliminates muddy water and bad odours that build up in irrigation reservoirs caused by algae, mainly during high temperature seasons.

It does not stain or affect fish and higher plants, resulting in the safest and most efficient method with the best cost/benefit ratio on the market.

It is effective over the whole pH range. Requires very low doses: Clariagua® is the most effective treatment on the market.

Its action is not affected by mineral content or organic load in the water.

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