Anti-stress effect amino acids with micronutrients


Recommended for Prevents micronutrient deficiencies
Stimulates the plant
Root asphyxia, drought, hail, phytotoxicity, etc.
Formats:1 L, 5 L, 20 L

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Naturamin®Plus has a high concentration of amino acids, enriched with micronutrients.

With Naturamin®Plus, plants do not need to consume as much energy for amino acid formation, since they absorb them directly and therefore energy can be used for other biological processes.

Naturamin®Plus prevents micronutrient deficiencies, essential during the intensive growth stage, for maximum production potential.

Recommended for plant stimulation, mainly in the presence of stress situations: root asphyxia, drought, hail, phytotoxicity, etc.

Product: Naturamin®Plus

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