Formulation with phosphorus enriched with magnesium


Recommended for Stimulating the defence mechanisms of plants
Promoting the development of the plant
Stimulating photosynthesis and providing greater vitality
Formats:1 L, 5 L, 20 L

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    Naturfos®-Mg strengthens the plant, stimulating the natural defence mechanisms of plants.

    Naturfos®-Mg stimulates the process of photosynthesis. It provides plants with greater vitality, vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting.

    The nitrogen it contains promotes the development of the plant. The magnesium enhances the assimilation of CO2 the absorption of Phosphorus and the production of sugars.

    Naturfos®-Mg is easily absorbed by the plant, and has a very notable ascending and descending systemic effect.

    Product: Naturfos®-Mg

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