EDDHA - HBED iron chelate

Naturquel®-Fe Evolution

Recommended for Correction of iron deficiencies

Prevention of decreases in yield due to iron chlorosis
Obtaining better quality of budding and flowering

Formats:1 KG, 5 KG
Naturquel®-Fe Evolution is a product indicated for the preventive and curative control of iron deficiencies (iron chlorosis). It allows absorption of iron by plants, maintaining high stability in the soil, even with very high pH.

It is a unique mixture with two highly effective chelating agents: EDDHA and HBED. It combines the speed of ortho-ortho EDDHA with the speed and greater persistence of HBED. The stability constant determines the affinity of the molecule of chelating agent for the metal: a greater affinity of HBED for iron than the other chelating agents have.

The greater persistence makes it possible to increase the iron contents at the end of the winter, and as a result, better quality of budding and flowering is obtained.

Naturquel®-Fe Evolution can be applied in the irrigation water or directly to the soil, injected or spread.

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