Zinc and manganese deficiency corrector


Recommended for Prevents or corrects zinc, manganese or concurrent deficiencies

Prevents internal disorders that affect yields
Improves sugar formation and protein synthesis

Formats:1 L, 5 L, 20 L
Naturquel®-Zn/Mn s a corrector formulated with zinc and manganese chelated by gluconic acid to improve uptake.

Naturquel®-Zn/Mn is indicated for prevention or correction of zinc, manganese or concurrent deficiencies causing internal disorders that decrease yields.

Manganese deficiency directly affects photosynthesis.It can also cause a reduction in pollen viability.

Zinc deficiency affects photosynthesis, sugar formation and protein synthesis.

Naturquel®-Zn/Mn is recommended for preventive care, before the appearance of external symptoms.

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