Synchrony and early bud break


Recommended for Synchronizes and advances sprouting

Increases percentage of sprouted buds
Brings forward and unifies harvests

Formats:Syncron 5 L - Nitroactive 20 L
Syncron® & Nitroactive® products are developed by Daymsa to induce bud break in vines (table and wine grapes), cherry, kiwifruit and apple.

Syncron® anticipates and synchronizes sprouting, increases budburst rates on grapevines, reduces apical dominance, advances onset and provides consistent harvests. Acts together with Nitroactive®, inducing a synergistic effect on bud dormancy rupture.

Combined application of Syncron® & Nitroactive® is safe for both the handler and the environment, leaving no residual effect on the physiological activity in subsequent years.

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