Daymsa presents the effects of Pleniflor and Naturfruit on soybeans

Daymsa presents the effects of Pleniflor and Naturfruit on soybeans

Daymsa has carried out trials with Pleniflor and Naturfruit with the main objective of analysing the improvement of grain filling and production in soybean.

Soybean is an annual herbaceous plant, spring-summer, whose vegetative cycle ranges from three to seven months and reaches 40 to 100 cm wingspan. It is a plant sensitive to day length

As regards water requirements, during cultivation, soybean needs at least 300 mm of water, which can be in the form of irrigation when irrigated, or in the form of rain in those humid temperate zones where rainfall is sufficient.

Tests carried out

In order to analyse different vegetative and productive parameters and to increase the production of the soybeans crop, Daymsa has carried out trials on a farm in Salamanca on the Havane variety.

Pleniflor® is a flowering activator.

The phenological stages of the application in soybean (between R1 and R3) were as follows, as can be seen in the following table:

-R1: Beginning of flowering

-R3: Beginning of fruit set

Var. Nº Teatments Nº applications Dose (l/ha) Timing
2 PLENIFOL+NATURFRUIT 1 2+2 R1-R3(07 september)

Results after application of Pleniflor + Naturfruit

The results of the Havane variety after the application of Pleniflor and Naturfruit showed a better flowering and fruit set. After the application of these products, the following data were also analysed, as shown in the table below:

– H%: Percentage of humidity of the grain.

– % Grain protein.

– No. of pods per plant.

– No. of nodes per plant.

– No. of grains per plant.

– Height of the plant (cm).

– Potential yield Kg/ha.

The most important results in terms of percentage compared to the control treatment were as follows:

– Increase in protein content + 7%.

– Increase in the number of grains per pod + 25%.

– Increased yield potential + 25%.

Variety Treatment H% Protein Corrected Nº Vainas Nº Nudos NºGrains Height (cm) Potential Yield Kg/ha.
HAVANE without inocculation Pleniflor 13,39 33,5 38,68 2,5 11 2,50 97 4297
HAVANE without innoculation Control 13,58 31,3 36,22 5,50 11 2,00 85 3438

Pleniflower, flowering and fruit set activator

Pleniflor is a flowering activator and fruit set improver for various crops, especially vegetable and flowering crops.

Pleniflor provides microelements and active substances that are essential in these processes, optimising nutrition at these critical moments. For its preparation, processes are used that maintain all the natural active and soluble components.

Pleniflor is indicated for:

– Stimulating the physiological processes of the plant related to flowering and fruit set, in order to obtain a greater quantity of viable fruit.

– For use mainly on cucurbit species such as melon, watermelon, cucumber, courgette and extensive crops such as rape, soybean and sunflower.

Naturfruit® potassium corrector obtains certification for Organic Agriculture

Naturfruit® potassium corrector obtains certification for Organic Agriculture

Naturfruit® from DAYMSA has just obtained the ECOCERT organic certification, making it a new solution to potassium needs that is more efficient than traditional fertilizers.

Potassium is a main element for crops, necessary throughout their cycle. But it is during the development phase of the reserve tissues, the productive organs, when these needs are greatest. Especially if you want to obtain optimal crops in quantity and quality, the potassium levels in the plant must also be optimal and on many soils, this is difficult to achieve using traditional fertilizers.

DAYMSA offers us Naturfruit®, a potassium deficiency corrector, which has just obtained the certification for Organic Agriculture according to EC Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 and the NOP Regulation. ECOCERT SA F 32600. “Naturfruit®, thanks to this prestigious organic certificate, provides organic farming with a new solution to potassium needs, more efficient than traditional fertilizers”, argues Eitán Martín, Marketing Manager of DAYMSA, who points out DAYMSA’s clear commitment to Organic Agriculture, as part of its new strategic line.

Naturfruit®, an unique solution in Organic Agriculture

 Naturfruit® is a potassium solution whose organic formulation does not raise the pH of treatment broths unlike other liquid potassium fertilizers. In this way, the compatibility in the mixture with other phytosanitary products and agronutrients is guaranteed, eliminating the risk of loss of efficacy due to alkaline hydrolysis. In addition, it is a product that is easily absorbed by the plant.

“It lacks any type of sulfate, nitrate, chlorate, carbonate or thiosulfate, hence it is presented as an innovative solution for the organic farming sector”, adds Eitán Martín, Marketing Manager of DAYMSA.

Crops and time of application

Naturfruit® It is especially effective in citrus, fruit, olive, ornamental, vineyard, horticultural and strawberries, and can be applied at any time of the cycle as a source of potassium, although it is especially indicated for the stages of the cycle in which the extractions are greater, to from when the reserve organs begin to accumulate sugars.

Benefits on crops

The main benefits that Naturfruit® brings to the crop, we can highlight:

  • Increases the dry matter content of fruits, grains, stems, leaves and tubers
  • Significant increase in weight and production
  • Better consistency, flavor, color and nutritional value in the fruit
  • Avoid uneven ripening and obtain better fruit filling
  • Provides rigidity and consistency to the fruits and leaves, increasing the quality of the harvest.
  • Increases resistance to drought and improve the withering of shoots as they maintain the photosynthetic rate.

Naturfruit® It is available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 220L, 1000L formats.