Daymsa’s nutritional programme aims to obtain balanced trees, which leads to increased grapefruit production and quality.

The tree begins its activity using the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. The start of root development coincides with growth of the tree, which makes it essential to incorporate biostimulants and soil improvers during this period. These products encourage root development and nutrient absorption, producing better-developed trees, capable of supporting our crop.

The right microelements avoid possible nutritional deficiencies which may reduce production. Grapefruit is a crop which is particularly sensitive to iron chlorosis, which means chelated iron must be applied right from the outset. Chlorosis takes the form of yellowing of the leaves, and leads to significant financial losses.

Supplying aminoacids will stimulate the crop during the active growth and fruit forming phase, mainly when faced with stress situations (drought, extreme temperatures, phytotoxicity, etc.). During the final stage of the cycle, a biostimulant with cytokineticic action stimulates cell division, improving the size of the grapefruits.

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