Daymsa’s nutritional programme for plums aims to obtain balanced trees, which results in high yields and excellent quality.

The plum tree begins its activity using the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. Applying biostimulants and soil improvers encourages root development and nutrient absorption.

Incorporating the right microelements avoids any possible nutritional deficiencies which reduce production. Calcium is essential for improving the firmness of the fruits and avoiding cracking. Lack of iron results in iron chlorosis, which makes the leaves turn yellow, reducing production.

A biostimulant with auxin action will help the plums to set more successfully. When the fruits begin to swell it is important to fertilize them with potassium, in order to obtain an excellent size, colour and sugar content. Finally, we should emphasise the need to supply nutrients at the post-harvesting stage, as this is essential when preparing the tree for the following year.

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