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Table Grape

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Naturvital®Plus Highly concentrated liquid Leonardite humic acids
Syncron® Synchrony and early bud break
Cytoplant®400 Physiological promoter of plant origin
Folitex® Corrects bunch stem necrosis in vines
Madurel® Colour enhancer

Daymsa’s nutritional programme aims to obtain balanced trees, and thus increase fruit production and quality.

The vine begins its activity using the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. At this stage it is essential to provide biostimulants and soil improvers, in order to minimize the stress caused by transplanting and to encourage root development.

In order to avoid erratic budding a supplement which can compensate for the cold in winter must be supplied in order to make budding more uniform and to increase the number of buds formed. In this way we can increase production and reduce harvesting costs. After the fruit has set it is important to use biostimulants in order to stimulate cell division and increase the size of the fruit.

Fertilizing the leaves with calcium, boron and magnesium will allow the fruit to develop in the best possible way, avoiding any dehydration of the rachis known as “black rot”. This physiopathy is caused by nutritional disorders, and takes the form of black spots on the rachis, proceeding to partial or total drying out of the rachis, as well as the pedicels and berries.

In order to increase the colour of red varieties we suggest applying one of our nutritional specialities to the leaves.

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