The aim of Daymsa’s nutritional programme for tangerines is to obtain balanced trees, which leads to increases in production of the fruits and in their visual and organoleptic qualities.

The tree’s first activity begins with the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. Incorporating biostimulants and soil enhancers improves root development and nutrient absorption. This leads to more vigorous and better developed tangerines.

Tangerines constitute a crop which is especially sensitive to iron chlorosis, a physiopathy which is very common in this type of crop caused by a deficiency in iron, which we must correct right from the start. It makes the leaves turn yellow and leads to a reduction in production.

Aminoacids stimulate the crop in stress situations (water, extreme temperatures, phytotoxicity, etc.). During the final stage of the cycle, a biostimulant with cytokininic action stimulates cell division, increasing the size of the tangerines.

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