Daymsa’s nutritional programme consists of obtaining increased production and better quality of walnuts.
This is achieved through providing the crop with balanced nutrition.

The walnut tree’s first activity begins with the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. Root development coincides with the growth phase, which makes it essential to incorporate biostimulants and soil enhancers during this period. They reduce the stress caused by transplanting, and encourage root development and nutrient absorption.

Providing calcium before flowering improves the firmness of the walnuts. During flowering, it is essential to apply a phytoalexin inducer with a systemic effect, in order to activate the trees’ natural defences. Supplying a biostimulant with cytokinic action stimulates cell division, improving the size of the fruits.

Finally, fertilization with potassium guarantees high yields and excellent quality walnuts.

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