DAYMSA reinforces its biostimulants with microorganisms at Fruit Attraction

DAYMSA reinforces its biostimulants with microorganisms at Fruit Attraction

The range of solutions based on microorganisms have been the protagonists in DAYMSA’s stand, which confirms the positioning of its biostimulants in an efficient and sustainable agriculture.

The 15th edition of Fruit Attraction has broken all the records registered to date: more than 2,000 exhibiting companies from 56 countries, 64,000 m2 of surface area, and the attendance of more than 90,000 professionals from 135 countries. An essential event for the national and international fruit and vegetable sector in which DAYMSA has had presence, as a key entity with a wide range of biostimulants, deficiency correctors, soil and water improvers, with a clear commitment to organic farming.

Daymsa`s team at Fruit Attraction

Daymsa`s team at Fruit Attraction

During the three days of the celebration, DAYMSA was attended by the sales, marketing and technical team, who had the opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers for present their current strategic lines, all aimed at a more sustainable and efficient agriculture.

For Eitán Martín, Marketing Manager at Daymsa, “it has been a real pleasure to be present at this edition, where we have been able to see a large number of professionals, and in our case, to meet with many producers, distributors and advisors. In conclusion,  we return very excited and aware that we play an essential role in the path towards a more sustainable agriculture”.

Featured products

DAYMSA has a wide portfolio of solutions, but in this edition its star products have been its range of products based on microorganisms that come to solve many of the current problems of farmers. “We are talking about products with micro-organisms that make it possible to solubilise blocked nutrients such as phosphorous, provide nitrogen and stimulate the plant”, points out Eitán Martín.

In this sense, the range of microorganisms, Enerplus®, Myskiam®, Nuptak® and Viproots® have had a special role in this edition of Fruit Attraction.

Enerplus®: biofertiliser to solubilise phosphorous, potassium, micronutrients and biostimulation.

– Nuptak®: biofertiliser for nitrogen fixation and biostimulation with a wide range of uses.

– Myskiam®: consortium with mycorrhizae to maximise nutrient and water uptake.

– Viproots®: consortium with Trichoderma to improve soil health.

All of them are certified for use in organic farming.

DAYMSA obtains the CE marking on its fertilisers by the CAAE

DAYMSA obtains the CE marking on its fertilisers by the CAAE

DAYMSA goes a step further in complying with European regulations and obtains, under the protection of the CAAE, the CE marking on its fertilisers included in the new EU Regulation 2019/1009.

The fertiliser market in the European Union has changed in the last year since the entry of the new EU Regulation 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019. Among other changes, the new law includes the disappearance of the figure of CE fertilisers from the previous regulation CE 2003/2003.

In this context DAYMSA, a leading company offering a wide range of biostimulants, deficiency correctors, microorganisms, soil and water improvers, with a clear commitment to organic farming, adapts to the new European regulatory framework and, in compliance with the quality, safety and labelling requirements, has obtained the CE marking on some of its fertilisers by the CAAE.

“For DAYMSA it is essential to comply with the regulations legislated by the European Union. And in this sense, our customers already have the experience that all the products we offer meet the safety, health and environmental protection requirements of the EU Regulation 2019/2009”, says Eitán Martín Oro, Marketing Manager of DAYMSA.

In addition, he emphasises the fact that not only they have already obtained the CE marking on outstanding products in their portfolio, but also they have done so through the most demanding conformity assessment, Module D1. “Because not only has the conformity of the products been assessed, but also the quality of the production process has been assured”.

What requirements does DAYMSA meet to obtain the CE marking?

Within the company’s work philosophy, great importance is given to safety, sustainability and care for the environment. For this reason, its products comply with the following requirements included in the new European Regulation on EU Fertilisers: correct labelling, total control in the production process in order to avoid risks of contamination, they comply with the environmental safety protocols and, in addition, they are framed within the objectives of the “From farm to fork” Strategy. In this way, a shared benefit is obtained, as it guarantees “maximum product safety” for its customers and also for the consumer.

With the implementation of this new legislation, the EU aims to ensure that companies with CE marking, such as DAYMSA, can circulate their products in Europe “in a safe way for health and the environment, with the same rules of the game for all fertiliser manufacturing companies”.

Once again, Daymsa confirms its presence at Fruit Logistica

Once again, Daymsa confirms its presence at Fruit Logistica

With just one week to go before the biggest international event in the fruit and vegetable sector, Fruit Logistica, Daymsa confirms its attendance in Berlin from the 8th to the 10th of February.

Daymsa confirms its presence as an exhibitor at this international event in order to present to the sector the key of its activity, as well as the research of new products and their development in order to achieve a high level of quality.

Fruit Logistica

Daymsa at Fruit Logistica

In this sense, the company did not want to miss out on having a presence at this benchmark event such as Fruit Logistica, the leading trade fair specialising in the world fruit and vegetable trade, which returns to its usual date from the 8th to the 10th of February and which aims to recover attendance figures prior to the pandemic.

Berlin will be transformed into the capital of the world’s fresh fruit industry. More than 2,492 exhibitors from 87 countries have confirmed their attendance and more than 72,000 trade visitors are expected.

Come and visit us! stand B-07 in Hall 10.2

DAYMSA; biostimulants and biocontrol products for sustainable agriculture

Daymsa, the first European producer of Leonardite, started its activity in 1979, manufacturing humic acid based biostimulants. Daymsa is a reference in high quality technological solutions in biostimulants and biocontrol products. Agriculture is facing challenges such as exponential population growth with limited resources, restriction of effective active ingredients against pests and diseases, climate change, etc, and needs cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Daymsa is committed to continue developing solutions to meet the demands of today’s agriculture, obtaining maximum yield and protection without crop residues.

DAYMSA present at the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction

DAYMSA present at the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction

Once again, the company Daymsa confirms its attendance at Fruit Attraction on 4,5 and 6 October at IFEMA, Madrid.

The capital hosts again the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction, the largest international event in the sector, organized by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, which has achieved in this edition to break all records with the participation of 1,800 exhibiting companies from 55 countries, the expected attendance of 90,000 professionals from 130 countries, and the occupation of more than 58,000 square meters of exhibition space with a total of pavilions.

From Fruit Attraction say that these are very positive data that demonstrate the growing interest of the fruit and vegetable sector to participate in the largest business center of the sector, and its support for promoting Fruit Attraction as a key lever for internationalization, and meeting point for all professionals that make up the entire supply chain.

In this sense, Daymsa will be present at this meeting of the sector in Hall 7 Stand 7E12 in order to present to the sector its activity with new products, as well as the different research carried out in recent months highlighting its range of microorganisms that includes biotechnological solutions based on microorganisms that maximize the profitability of crops highlighting products such as EnerPlus®, Mysakiam®, Nuptak® and Viproots®.

We look forward to seeing you at Fruit Attraction, 7E12!

Daymsa presents the new applications of EFICAL WSP via irrigation on strawberries

Daymsa presents the new applications of EFICAL WSP via irrigation on strawberries

Daymsa continues its commitment with EFICAL WSP, a nutritional solution to address calcium deficiencies on crop quality and post-harvest life in strawberries.

Calcium deficiency in berries can cause crop reduction and quality loss. DAYMSA presents the new applications of EFICALWSP via irrigation for a nutritional solution that facilitates a better absorption of calcium in the plant.

EFICALWSP is a biostimulant with high assimilable calcium richness that manages to increase the quality and post-harvest durability of fruit and vegetables. To improve the life of the harvest, it is essential to increase the level of calcium in the cell wall or “bound calcium”. This can be quantified by specific analysis of calcium pectate molecules. “The main difference that EFICALWSP provides us, is achieves a significant increase in “bound calcium” or calcium in the cell wall, achieving a substantial improvement in the shelf life of our fruit and vegetables”, comments José Carlos Amor, Sales Director of Daymsa.

Application of EFICAL WSP

The trial of EFICALWSP on strawberry via irrigation has been carried out in Moguer (Huelva) on the Strawberry Rábida variety, one of the most common varieties grown in Andalusia. It was carried out by technicians from the testing company ANADIAG.

The objective was to evaluate the content of total calcium and bound calcium in the fruit to see its influence on the quality of the fruit at harvest and post-harvest. The polytunnels in the trial were 85 m long with 800 plants. A total of 9.5 plants per square metre. Four applications of 4kg of EFICAWSP via irrigation were made every 15 days starting on 1 February.

Similar results would have been expected when spreading the doses of these applications on a weekly basis, for those farms where weekly applications are preferred.


Total and bound calcium content was measured in specialised laboratories on fruit samples at different dates during the trial. On the of 16 February results received their last application of EficalWSP on 1 February, in 15 days earlier. An increase in the content of bound calcium was measured in the fruit compared to the control, corresponding to an increase of 17%. This is very interesting because the applicatio

 This data is very interesting because the application of Efical WSP was done 15 days before the sampling, which means that the extra calcium supply from Efical WSP has been long lasting.

The next sampling for calcium analysis was done on the 4 of March (harvest three days after having received an application of Efical WSP). It is possible to see an increase in the calcium content bound in the fruit compared to the control, corresponding to an increase of 21%. This is a very positive figure which reflects the fact that the calcium supplied with Efical WSP reaches the fruit quickly.


The applications of EFICALWSP via irrigation carried out in this trial on strawberry crops show that the effect after application was rapid and maintained over time, with an increase in total calcium and bound calcium content being observed. This resulted in a higher fruit consistency at harvest and a higher strawberry weight (+3 grams on average). In the post-harvest period, a slowing of weight loss of between 17% and 30% was observed, as well as an increase in healthy fruit without rotting.