Calcium and quality increase in grapes after application of EficalWSP

Calcium and quality increase in grapes after application of EficalWSP

DAYMSA presents the benefits of using EficalWSP in the cultivation in grapes after its study carried out in Blanca, in the province of Murcia with Flame seedless variety.

DAYMSA, European leader in the production of biostimulants with a clear commitment to offer natural solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow, reaffirms its commitment to EficalWSP, a nutritional product with a great wealth of assimilable calcium, formulated with free amino-acids and organic complexes that achieve a better absorption and translocation of calcium through the tissues of the plant.

It is also a product that can be used in Organic Agriculture according to EC Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008, NOP and JAS regulations. Control ECOCERT SA F-32600

Benefits of EficalWSP

The formulation of EficalWSP is designed to facilitate the absorption and distribution of calcium within the plant as it is complexed with organic substances, in addition to stimulating the growth of new roots that will be points of greater calcium absorption. It increases the concentration of calcium in the fruit and green parts, improving firmness and post-harvest quality by being a source of organic calcium that is highly assimilable by the plant.

In this sense, EficalWSP also stands out for its easy handling that it can be used both via foliar and root application in a wide variety of crops with a fast and high solubility in water.

Proper fertilisation with EficalWSP improves plant tissue and reduces the risk of disease penetration. This will be reflected in a better post-harvest life.

Trials carried out on grapes

Daymsa has recently carried out several trials on grapes to study the benefits of EficalWSP.

This was carried out in Blanca, Murcia by the testing company GOES. The objective was to evaluate the increase of calcium in fruit, harvest quality and post-harvest life with EficalWSP application and another source of inorganic calcium via foliar.

The trial was carried out on the Flame seedless variety, the first application was made at the same time as the gibberellic treatment with an application volume of 800 L/ha and the second application 7 days later.


The results at harvest showed increases in size and weight of +5% and +12% respectively after treatments with EficalWSP. This effect on weight and size was not seen with the inorganic calcium (calcium chloride) treatment.

The grapes with the highest calcium content at harvest were those treated with Efical WSP 3kg/ha (+25% bound Ca and +12% total Ca than the control) with significant differences. The treatment with inorganic calcium at 5L/ha resulted in a lower assimilated calcium content despite applying more grams of calcium per hectare.

Berry shatter resistance was measured with a texturometer. It increased with the EficalWSP treatments (result of the structural function of calcium bound in the cell wall).

Post-harvest, after a period of cold storage and shelf life, the percentage of rotten berries was counted. The results showed a 35% reduction in rot compared to the control after the application of Efical WSP.


EficalWSP is suitable for grapes as no stains were observed after foliar applications. 

The foliar application of EficalWSP resulted in more assimilated calcium by the plant. Moreover, the organic molecules of the formulation stimulated the growth of the fruit leading to a larger harvest, with increases in grape size and weight of +5% and +12% respectively. Considering an average of 80-120 grapes per bunch on the Flame Seedless variety, this leads to an increase of +56 to +84 grams per bunch, which is a good result.”

Post-harvest, EficalWSP managed to reduce damage by botrytis compared to the untreated control thanks to the calcium strengthening of the cell walls, therefore preventing the pathogens to penetrate the fruits.

Daymsa presents its new image

Daymsa presents its new image

DAYMSA is committed to a more attractive and modern image, visually categorizing its catalog and presenting a new labeling on its products.

 DAYMSA designs a new organization and distribution of its more compact product catalog to gain visibility quickly and to identify which category each products. The new catalog distribution is divided into Biostimulants, Specialties, Microorganisms, Soil and Water Improvers and Deficiency Correctors. Each category will be identified with a graphic, which will accompany the different products for gaining visual identity.

To this new categorization of the product portfolio, DAYMSA presents us with a new modern image on the labeling of its products with the aim of improving the perception of them, giving it a more modern and attractive appearance.

New labeling

DAYMSA is committed to a new labeling on its packaging in order to develop the brand with a more modern aesthetic presenting its products in a more structured and legible way with more detailed information on the characteristics and qualities of the product.

Wrapping label

For liquid formats ≤ 1L and for all solid formats, the containers will have an enveloping label with a larger surface area that will allow creating a more structured and legible design that obtaining commercial and technical information at a glance, thanks to the new distribution in three columns.

In the first column on the left, you will find all the technical content of the product, such as the characteristics of the product, doses or related information such as its use of Organic Agriculture.

In the central column is the commercial information of the product and in the upper part the category to which it belongs within the new DAYMSA catalog. In the last column you will find all the information related to regulations and safety when applying the product.

Double tag

For liquid formats ≥ 5 L, the containers will have a double label that will contain all the information of the product with a modern image. This new image development for the products offered by DAYMSA, allows an optimal reading, improving the aesthetics of liquid products.

On the front label you will find the characteristics of the product in a more modern design, dressed in the color of the category just released in the catalog. At the same time, the back label contains all the technical information of the product related to its application, together with all the regulations and safety information for its correct application.

DAYMSA adapts to new trends where the visual is gaining more and more importance and facilitates the organization and distribution of the catalog of its products for a correct identification.