Daymsa’s nutritional programme for sloes aims to obtain well-nourished bushes, which means increased sloe production and quality.

Incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers right from the outset stimulates root development and nutrient absorption, and this results in better development of the bush.

Supplying the right microelements avoids any possible nutritional deficiencies which might reduce production. Providing calcium prior to flowering improves the firmness of the fruit and avoids cracking; supplying iron prevents iron chlorosis, a disease which takes the form of yellowing leaves, causing losses in production.

Providing biostimulants with cytokinetic action stimulates cell division in the organs involved in development, improving the way in which the fruit swells. Applying a potassium-based fertilizer in the final phase of the cycle improves the size, colour and quality of the sloes.

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