Daymsa’s nutritional programme aims to increase wine grape production and quality. This is achieved through providing the vines with balanced nutrition.

The vine begins its activity using the reserves it has built up in the course of the previous year. Incorporating biostimulants and soil improvers minimizes the stress caused by transplanting, and encourages root development and nutrient absorption.

In order to avoid erratic budding a supplement which can compensate for the cold in winter must be supplied in order to make budding more uniform and to increase the number of buds formed. In this way we can increase production and reduce harvesting costs.

Iron deficiency is very common in vines. It causes iron chlorosis, which takes the form of yellowing of the leaves, resulting in reduced yield. Supplying the right micronutrients allows the fruit to develop in an optimum way, and prevents the spine from drying out, known as “black rot”. This physiopathy is caused by nutritional disorders, and takes the form of black spots on the spine, proceeding to its partial or total drying out of the spine, as well as the pedicels and berries.

To complete the crop it is very important to supply nutrients in the post-harvesting phase, in order to prepare the tree for the following year.

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