Naturamin® WSP, protection in the soybean crop against water stress

Naturamin® WSP, protection in the soybean crop against water stress

DAYMSA has presented in the bi-monthly session of ImPulse, of the European Soybean Association, Donau Soja, the results of the use of Naturamin® WSP to face water stress in soybean.

DAYMSA participated last 28th August in the ImPulse meeting, organised by Donau Soja, a European non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable soybean production. This is a bimonthly meeting where aspects related to soya and its sustainable production are analysed and debated.

In this session, issues such as the market situation, the state of the soil and the influence of the drought in 2023 on production were addressed.

DAYMSA’s participation

Along with international speakers from the sector, Carmen Lorente, Technical and Marketing Department of DAYMSA, participated with the presentation Solutions to cope with water stress in soybean.

In addition to analysing how to deal with this problem, which involves the correct choice of varieties, prior care of the soil and optimisation of water resources, Carmen Lorente highlighted the use of biostimulants, in this case Naturamin® WSP, to protect the crop against water stress.

Results of Naturamin® WSP against drought-induced water stress in soybeans

Naturamin® WSP is a biostimulant recommended for stimulating the crop at times of greatest energy demand, helping it to overcome stressful situations (sprouting, drought, pests and diseases, frost, etc.). It`s contains 80% pure free L-amino acids, including osmo-protectors such as proline and serine.

In drought conditions the plant suffers from water stress.  Naturamin® WSP has been shown to increase chlorophyll content for better photosynthetic efficiency, to reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level caused by drought and to increase plant yields. In soybean, Naturamin® WSP has shown excellent results with a first foliar application at the 4-6 leaf stage, the most sensitive growth period for the crop.

Therefore, the biostimulant Naturamin® WSP is today an excellent tool to protect and prepare the soybean crop against water stress caused by drought.

Naturamin® – WSP, 80% free amino acids for a higher crop productivity

Naturamin® – WSP, 80% free amino acids for a higher crop productivity

DAYMSA bets Naturamin® – WSP to stimulate the metabolism of the crop and achieve a higher productivity of the plant, as it has been demonstrated in a trial carried out on apple tres

 Every agricultural crop, throughout its life, is subjected to different moments of stress (transplants, frost, high temperatures, water deficiency or excess …), which condition its physiological development by requiring greater energy consumption.

DAYMSA is committed to the use of biostimulants such as Naturamin® – WSP, a formulation designed to increase the global physiological activity of plants, stimulating their growth and protecting them from adverse conditions to achieve the maximum productive potential.

Naturamin® – WSP, unique in the market

 Naturamin® – WSP is a formulation of amino acids (80% free amino acids), where its high content of serine and proline, glycine-betaine promoters, main protectors of heat and water stress stand out. “Naturamin® – WSP is a biostimulant, applied by fertigation or foliar, that stimulates the metabolism of the plant, helping it overcome those moments of stress”, describes Eitán Martín, Marketing Manager of DAYMSA, also that it is a Usable in Organic Agriculture according to EC Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 and the NOP Regulation and the JAS Regulation (INTERECO. OMRI. ECOCERT SA F – 32600. CAAE Control. CAEX Control).

Its main actions include:

  • Metabolic precursors. Compounds of amine promoters of the formation of enzymes and of the synthesis of fundamental proteins for the culture.
  • Effects on photosynthesis. Glycine, alanine and glutamic acid among others are essential metabolites in the formation of chlorophyll in plant tissue. These substances increase chlorophyll levels, increasing photosynthesis levels and obtaining healthier plants with higher yields.
  • Phytohormonal precursors. Naturamin® – WSP contains auxin precursors, flowering inducers and growth enhancing substances.
  •  Pollination, growth and fruit formation. L- Proline and glutamic acid are essential in the pollination process. Valine, isoleucine and leucine are closely related in the ripening processes of the fruit.
  • Balance of the soil flora. The components of Naturamin® – WSP contain a source of nitrogenous forms that allow the microbial flora of the soil to remain balanced.
  • Protective actions against stress. Serine and proline are osmoprotective agents that protect cell membranes and proteins against denaturation, an adverse effect caused by high concentrations of inorganic ions and high temperatures, saline and water stress.


 Crops and method of application

Naturamin® – WSP is especially suitable for crops such as vegetables, table grapes, bananas, citrus, fruit trees, olive trees, vineyards, potatoes, soybeans, wheat, beans, rapeseed, corn and cotton.

Regarding its application system, it can be foliar and fertigation, with doses that vary according to the system of use and cultivation.

Trials in Manzano: Increased productivity

By stimulating the metabolism of the plant, one of the effects of Naturamin® – WSP is the generation of a greater productive capacity, as has been reflected in a study carried out by DAYMSA in an apple tree crop, in the production area. from Łowicz (Poland).

The objective of this trial was to improve the yield of this crop by means of biostimulant treatments with Naturamin® – WSP via foliar route, with the Najdared’apple variety in M.26 pattern. The results were compared with a control not treated with biostimulants.

5 applications were made, from April to June, of 0.5 kg / ha, the first being during bud break, followed by the beginning of flowering, the beginning of the petals falling, 14 days later, and finally, after 9 days. (see box)

Proven results

 The harvest in these study plots (4) was harvested in September, which time the kg/ tree was evaluated in 10 trees from each of the plots tested.

  • The applications of Naturamin® – WSP generated a significant improvement, up to 11%, in the yield of apple fruit compared to those not treated in this trial.
  • The applications of Naturamin® – WSP did not affect the russeting of the apple or the concentration of soluble solids in the fruit.